CEI Announces Tom Haynes as New Chairman of the Board of Directors

The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) welcomes W. Thomas Haynes as the new chairman of CEI’s Board of Directors. Tom Haynes is replacing outgoing Chairman Todd Zywicki. Tom has previously chaired a CEI advisory board and served on CEI’s Board of Directors. He takes on this leadership role as CEI continues its fearless pursuit of a more free economy.

CEI’s President Kent Lassman said, "The entire CEI team is excited to welcome Tom Haynes to the leadership position of chairman. Tom has spent his career as an advocate for the free enterprise system and a player in that system, served on the CEI board, and become a trusted colleague to all of us. The organization is well-positioned through scholarship, aggressive communications, litigation and work with a wide array of partners to meet the coming challenges. We will miss Todd Zywicki's quick wit and thoughtful contributions, but he is a friend of liberty and will undoubtedly remain a leader in the pursuit of economic freedom."

As a leader in the private sector, Tom Haynes is no stranger to government’s burden on businesses. He is a veteran of the insurance, healthcare, and beverage industries, and has testified before Congress on healthcare reform on four separate occasions. Currently, he serves as Chief Administrative Officer and Founder of Eagle Health Plans. It is his concern for relieving the private sector of burdensome regulation which threaten entrepreneurship that has made him such a strong supporter of CEI’s work over the years.

“It is a privilege to follow Todd as CEI Chairman to continue my work with an organization that has done so much for economic freedom for a generation,” CEI’s new Chairman of the Board of Directors Tom Haynes said. “The need for effective action to protect the economy and the entrepreneurs that drive it from the forces that fail to appreciate the gift of a free enterprise system have never been greater. I hope to contribute in any way I can to enhancing CEI’s mission and legacy of success in fighting to remove the shackles of Washington interference where they stifle innovation and economic growth.”

You can read more about Tom Haynes here.