CEI Applauds EPA Directive to Improve Cost-Benefit Analysis of Environmental Regulations


According to a report by Bloomberg News, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Andrew Wheeler directed EPA leadership to write new rules for how it weighs the costs and benefits of environmental regulations. In a memo, Administrator Wheeler instructs staff to use “sound economic and scientific principles” when rewriting the rules.

Director of CEI’s Center for Energy and Environment Myron Ebell said:

“Administrator Wheeler’s directive to improve the ways cost-benefit analysis is used to formulate pollution rules is a most welcome initiative. EPA over the years has twisted their analysis of costs and benefits to justify rules that in reality cost far more than any direct benefits. Finding huge ancillary or collateral benefits to offset enormous costs of Clean Air Act rules that have miniscule direct benefits has been an especially objectionable misuse of cost-benefit analysis. We hope that Administrator Wheeler’s directive will result in new rules that at least curb the worst abuses.”

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