CEI Calls Trump Budget Clearest Sign Yet of Move to Shrink Federal Government


Competitive Enterprise Institute Vice President for Strategy Iain Murray responded to President Trump’s budget proposal today:

“President Trump’s proposed budget is the clearest sign yet that he is moving forward with his efforts to uproot waste and drastically shrink the federal government.

“For years, CEI has called for numerous ways to increase federal savings by getting rid of programs that cost more than they deliver to the American people, such as:

Green Climate Fund

The Economic Development Administration


“The President’s budget proposal is just the starting point. Congress has a responsibility to the American taxpayer to demand value for the taxpayer dollars spent on government programs. That is why the founders gave it the power of the purse in the Constitution. It is time for Congress to exercise that power, accept sensible reforms, and work with the President to eliminate federal programs and spending that limit economic freedom and misplace federal government power.”