CEI Commends EPA’s Move to End Use of Secret Science

Today, Competitive Enterprise Institute policy experts attended an event at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency where EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt signed a proposed rule to strengthen the science used in determining and issuing EPA regulations.
CEI Senior Fellow Angela Logomasini said the following about the announcement:

“Administrator Pruitt deserves praise for taking another bold step to ensure that EPA regulators rely on the best available science when making regulatory decisions and that they make the underlying data publicly available. Making data available enables others to validate or invalidate findings by attempting to reproduce the results, which is an essential component of good science.  

“Ending secret science in government will ensure that regulations are based on robust science, protecting consumers from misguided regulations that can do more harm than good. We should expect at least that much before EPA issues rules that can undermine freedom, innovation, and our economic well-being. This pro-science approach should be a no-brainer; it is absurd that some people suggest that transparency is somehow anti-science.”

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