CEI Commends Introduction of GOOD Act, Requiring More Agency Transparency

This week, Congressman Mark Walker introduced the Guidance Out Of Darkness (GOOD) Act to improve agency transparency and accountability, while reducing the creep of federal regulation. This bill is the House companion to S. 2296 introduced last week by Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Ron Johnson.

Wayne Crews, vice president for policy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute said the following about the bill:

 “CEI is glad to see Congressman Mark Walker take the lead on the GOOD Act in the House. This legislation is an important step toward reining in regulatory dark matter – the thousands of guidance documents, memoranda, notices, and more – that federal agencies use to circumvent the democratic process and influence policy. The scope of regulatory dark matter largely remains a mystery, even though it grows unchecked, allowing the federal government to inject itself more and more into our businesses, communities, and personal lives.
“Requiring more disclosure, and ensuring that federal agencies post all guidance documents online, is a sensible and essential step to hold federal agencies accountable for their actions. We applaud Chairman Johnson and Congressman Walker for their leadership on regulatory reform.”

For more on this issue from CEI, visit cei.org/regulatorydarkmatter.

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