CEI: Dept. of Justice is Right to Challenge Legality of California “Net Neutrality” Law

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The Department of Justice recently filed a lawsuit against the state of California, claiming the state’s newly-signed law regarding “net neutrality” seeks to regulate interstate commerce.

Associate Director of CEI’s Center for Technology and Innovation Jessica Melugin said:

“The Department of Justice is right to challenge the legality of California’s just-signed net neutrality law. It is hard to imagine a market that better fits the definition of ‘interstate’ than the Internet. It crosses state and local lines countless times every day and that means regulation of the Internet is a matter for the federal government, not states or localities. Not only does California have no legal right to regulate the Internet, but the state’s legislation is also bad policy on the merits. Allowing states to over-regulate on their own and in fifty different ways would be a serious blow to the Internet. Consumers need more innovation, not more regulation online.”

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