CEI Disappointed in Outcome of Supreme Court Decision in Class Action Settlement Case, Frank v. Gaos, but Hopeful for Future Resolution


In Frank v. Gaos, a class action-related case initiated by former CEI attorneys, the U.S. Supreme Court today decided to send the case back to the lower courts to address the plaintiffs’ legal right to sue. Competitive Enterprise Institute President Kent Lassman expressed disappointment that the crucial matters at stake in the case today were left unresolved.

Statement by CEI President Kent Lassman:

“While we are disappointed the Supreme Court did not rule on the merits of Frank v. Gaos, CEI is proud of our role shepherding the case to the Supreme Court and the work of Ted Frank and Melissa Holyoak, now with the Hamilton Lincoln Law Institute. Together we have steadfastly advocated for consumers and for reform of a system that allows unscrupulous attorneys to put their own interests ahead of their clients’. We are confident the standing issue will be resolved in the lower courts and the Supreme Court can take the case again. Regardless, the precedents set by Frank and Holyoak help ensure the class action system is reformed to the benefit of consumers and class members.”

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