CEI Fellow Blasts Florida Governor Crist’s Veto of Consumer Choice Insurance Bill

Washington, D.C., June 24, 2009—The head of the insurance
project at the Competitive Enterprise Institute attacked Gov. Charlie Crist’s
decision to veto the Consumer Choice Insurance Bill.

The proposed law, HB 1171, would allow well-capitalized
insurers to write policies at higher rates to customers that chose to do
business with them. 

“Charlie Crist has declared war on Florida homeowners. He is taking away
choices, taking away the market, and taking away freedom,” said Eli Lehrer, the Director of CEI’s
Center for Risk, Regulation, and Markets. “He is working against Floridians’
interests. This is a sad day for the state.” 

Lehrer says that the governor’s decision to veto the bill
will almost certainly give State Farm Insurance little choice but to continue
with its previously announced plans to withdraw from the state’s market. 

“I’d wouldn’t be surprised at all if other insurers follow.
I can’t see why any insurer of any size will want to do any business in Florida. And, one way or
another, Floridians are going to pay the price,” said Lehrer. 

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