CEI Launches “Eye on FTC” Campaign to Raise Awareness of Agency Overreach and Lack of Transparency

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WASHINGTON—The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) launched a new “Eye on FTC” educational campaign today to raise awareness about overreach and a lack of transparency at Chairman Lina Khan’s Federal Trade Commission. 

CEI’s new Eye on FTC page makes the case that FTC’s dramatic and sudden expansion of antitrust enforcement is harmful to American prosperity, consumers, and the nation’s global economic leadership.

Housed on CEI.org, Eye on FTC is a hub for original work by CEI experts and allies pushing back on FTC’s increasingly aggressive antitrust actions and policies, information about events discussing the FTC’s agenda and policymaking, and a tracker for FTC agency actions like requests for comment, final rulemakings, and adjudications.  

“Under Lina Khan, the FTC has ignored long-standing bipartisan precedent to shift its focus from consumer welfare to ideological crusades against large companies. That will harm economic competitiveness and, ultimately, consumers. The American people need an eye on the FTC now more than ever,” said Director of CEI’s Center for Technology and Innovation Jessica Melugin. “CEI’s Eye on FTC hub will offer policymakers and the public the latest information about how the FTC’s overreach and lack of transparency is harming consumers and the economy at large.”

CEI’s Eye on FTC campaign has a six-figure budget for television and radio advertising and digital promotion.  

For more information on CEI’s Eye on FTC campaign, please visit cei.org/EyeOnFTC

About Eye on FTC

Over nearly a century of independence, the Federal Trade Commission operated with broad, sometimes open-ended legal standards to police competition. During the past forty years, the agency sought to optimize consumer welfare in its analysis. No longer is this the case. FTC Chairman Lina Khan has taken issue with numerous industries, trade practices, and regulatory norms. Her expansive view of the agency and the public interest clashes with established practices, the law, and what is best for consumers. At the Competitive Enterprise Institute, we believe no industry is safe from this regulator’s abuse of power and that consumers are in jeopardy. We seek to spotlight agency overreach to help inform legislators, and, ultimately, to restore the agency’s core mission of protecting consumer welfare.