CEI Opposes $494 Billion Transportation Bill


House Democrats today introduced a bill that proposes to spend more than $490 billion on bad policies that would increase the cost of energy in a time of economic hardship.

Director of CEI’s Center for Energy and Environment Myron Ebell said:

“House Democrats’ $494 billion transportation package is a series of policy train wrecks and runaway spending. Contrary to the claims of its sponsors, the bill’s hundreds of billions of dollars of wasteful spending would do very little to help the economy recover from the lockdown imposed in response to the pandemic. Worst of all, the bill would require states to implement policies that would increase the price of energy when Americans can least afford it. That’s a recipe for economic decline, not growth.”

Vice President for Strategy Iain Murray said:

“Far from getting America moving again, the bill would put a brake on economic activity and innovation. The bill attempts to decrease speed limits in an attempt to turn back the clocks to the days of the hated 55 MPH national limit. It wants to increase public transit use when people are scared of using it thanks to the pandemic. It wants to turn Amtrak into a business run for the benefit of employees rather than taxpayers. Finally, it would stand as a Jones Act for buses and rolling stock thanks to its Buy America provisions, ignoring how the Jones Act has wrecked domestic shipbuilding. This is a regressive bill that could have been written in the 1970s.”