CEI Responds to GMU Professor’s Alleged Illegal Funding

Marlo Lewis responded to the news that Congress found potential illegal activity by George Mason University Professor Jagadish Shukla in accepting multiple salaries.

"Shukla appears to have made millions from taxpayers through funding improprieties. CEI asked the IRS last year to investigate the same Shukla nonprofit that Congress is now examining, and we hope Congress's progress spurs the IRS to turn a serious eye to our November complaint.

The irony here is over the top. First, Shukla also led the call for a RICO investigation of organizations challenging climate orthodoxy—a campaign which his co-ringleader at GMU admits aims to impose financial penalties on political opponents while yielding payouts to further underwrite the climate alarm movement.

Furthermore, Shukla and his comrades fall to their own critique. They accuse fossil fuel companies of hiding climate risks from the American people (laughable given the billions in annual government, pressure group, and media spending on climate advocacy). Yet, they refuse to acknowledge that their agenda, which would put an energy-starved world on an energy diet, poses serious risks to the world’s people, especially the poorest of the poor. By hiding climate policy risk, Shukla and his allies have deceived the American people. By his own logic, he should be the target of a RICO investigation."