CEI Reveals Five Goals to Improve the Developing World

What are the best ways to help developing countries in the years ahead? According to “Real Goals to Improve the Developing World,” a paper by Iain Murray of the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) released today, true help for developing countries is about building resiliency. Contrary to the United Nation’s Agenda for Sustainable Development, CEI outlines five proven ways to reduce the impact of extreme events such as weather or disease on the poorest in the world by delivering real prosperity.

“Developing countries should adopt certain strategies that are proven to work to deliver a healthier, greener, more prosperous planet – strategies that also improve the resiliency of communities to whatever nature throws at them,” said Iain Murray, vice president for strategy at CEI.

The Five Goals for a Resilient Planet are:

  1. Secure Property Rights
  2. Secure the Rule of Law/Ending corruption
  3. Ensure Access to Affordable Energy
  4. Ensure Access to Capital and Credit
  5. Allow Markets in Education

Real Goals to Improve the Developing World” explains how Hong Kong and Singapore have already been successful in implementing these values to create strong communities. Small states such as Botswana, Honduras, and Ghana are examples of the next locations in the world where these five goals would be fertile ground for moving toward resiliency.

Murray continued, “Taken together, these coherent principles will allow for a much stronger, prosperous, more resilient planet than the bundle of often contradictory targets advanced by the UN and other sustainability advocates. An agenda that empowers people rather than bureaucrats, building a resilient and in that sense truly healthy society, is the best way to achieve human health and flourishing.”

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