CEI Says Pai’s Roll Back of Net Neutrality Regulations is ‘Immediate Victory’ for Transparency and ‘Promising Sign’ for Upcoming Vote

Competitive Enterprise Institute adjunct fellow Jessica Melugin offered a response to the news that the Federal Communications Commission is announcing its plan today to do away with the majority of net neutrality regulations:

“Chairman Pai’s announcement today of the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) plan to roll back the Open Internet Order’s (OIO) net neutrality regulations is a promising sign, and we look forward to seeing it weeks ahead of the vote, which is progress in and of itself.  

 “The 2015 OIO was not released to the public for comments before being voted on and its content was not consistent with the Notices that the FCC had issued. TheWall Street Journal reported that the 2015 document was largely crafted at the White House and foisted politically upon the FCC – not standard procedure for a supposedly independent agency.

“We hope the order will be a huge improvement for American consumers, as it spurs investment and allows for innovations in the marketplace.  But the transparency of its roll-out is an immediate victory for United States citizens.”

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