CEI’s Agenda for Congress Offers Blueprint for Expanding Jobs and Opportunities through Regulatory Reform

Today the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) released a reform-driven agenda for the 114th Congress, identifying eight economic issues in dire need of help from lawmakers. CEI’s agenda recommends policy ideas that would release innovators, entrepreneurs, and other hardworking Americans from bureaucrats’ regulatory squeeze, and still advance health, safety, efficiency, and long-term economic growth.

“The choice is not between regulating and not regulating, but rather expanding opportunities and access to capital for all Americans instead of hindering them with a massive, regulatory burden imposed by Washington,” said Lawson Bader, CEI president.

“CEI has more than 30 years of institutional knowledge about the effects of well-intentioned but poorly planned economic regulations,” said Bader. “The hidden and growing regulatory state deserves more attention and CEI’s agenda puts Congress back in the driver’s seat to create real regulatory reform, stemming the executive branch’s ever-increasing overreach.”

CEI’s congressional agenda focuses on eight issues with policies specific to this Congress:

– Reforming Regulations and Agency Oversight
      – Congressional Oversight and Reform
      – Regulatory Budget
      – Regulatory Reduction Commission

– Banking and Finance
      – New Approach to Too Big to Fail
      – Banking Regulatory Reform
      – Access to Capital for Small and Mid-Sized Firms (JOBS Act II)
      – GSE Reform
      – Operation Choke Point

– Affordable Energy
      – Climate Change
      – Clean Air NAAQS
      – Renewable Fuel Standard

– Protecting the Environment
      – Federal Lands Policies
      – Chemical Risk Regulation

– Labor and Employment
      – National Labor Relations Board and National Labor Relations Act Reform
      – Labor Mobility
      – Income Inequality
      – Public Pension Reform
      – Private Pension Reform

– Food, Drugs and Consumer Products
      – Genetically Engineered Foods
      – Consumer Food Choice
      – Drugs and Device Approval
      – Consumer Products

– Technology and Telecommunications
      – Internet Freedom
      – Privacy
      – Cybersecurity
      – Copyright

– Transportation
      – Surface Transportation Reauthorization
      – Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization

View the CEI Agenda for Congress