Chairman Ajit Pai’s FCC Advanced the Cause of a Freer, Fairer, More Industrious Nation

Economic and social resilience relies upon modern, evolving communications systems. Since beginning service as a Commissioner in 2012, the actions of Ajit Pai demonstrate confidence in private initiative to deliver for consumers. Under his leadership, the FCC repealed harmful net neutrality regulations that led to increased investment and innovation in U.S. broadband infrastructure. As Chairman, he led the way on moving spectrum into its best and highest uses in the marketplace, cleared outdated regulatory underbrush slowing 5G deployment, and challenged antiquated media ownership rules. Among government officials, Pai has led the field with efforts to ground agency action in economic analysis and increasingly transparent in how it conducts the business of the regulatory state. He has set an example for others to follow and build upon.  

Jessica Melugin, director of CEI’s center for technology and innovation, commented, “Chairman Pai will leave the FCC with an impressive legacy. He developed a system of clear rules with a light touch, creating space for both infrastructure and services that adapted seamlessly to the COVID crisis.”

“Whether it is the timeless principles of our Bill of Rights and the ability of free people to speak their minds or the economics of regulation that shapes the flow of information in a dynamic and free society, Chairman Pai has advanced the cause of a freer, fairer, more industrious and connected nation,” said Kent Lassman, president of CEI.