Claims that Google Suppresses Conservative Views Lack Evidence

google search

As Google’s CEO testifies in the House of Representatives today, Competitive Enterprise Institute technology policy expert Ryan Radia disputes claims that the technology company has suppressed conservative views:

“Today’s hearing focuses on Google’s collection and use of consumer data — an area in which the company has a respectable track record, including relatively few privacy-related mishaps. But lawmakers may also question Google CEO Sundar Pichai on how the firm treats conservative voices on its search engine and on YouTube. Claims that Google suppresses conservative views on its platform are utterly lacking in evidence, despite conspiracy theories alleging the contrary.

“Google’s internal culture may not be the friendliest when it comes to supporters of free markets, but so far, the personal views of the firm’s leadership do not seem to have affected how the platform delivers consumers what they want: relevant search results, entertaining videos, and a flexible mobile ecosystem.”

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