Competitive Enterprise Institute Congratulates New Federal Communications Commission Chair Ajit Pai

The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) congratulates Ajit Pai on his designation as the 34th chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). A strong advocate of free markets, Pai was nominated to the FCC by President Barack Obama and has served on the commission since 2012. President Trump appointed Pai to replace former FCC chairman Tom Wheeler, who stepped down on January 20. CEI experts in technology policy said the following about Pai’s new role.

Jessica Melugin, CEI adjunct fellow in technology policy:

“Pai understands and respects the potential for how a more free market approach toward the Internet could unleash investment and innovation, spurring economic growth. In his new role, Pai will almost certainly push back against net neutrality’s potential to thwart progress. We hope he continues to support policies that will benefit consumers and promote competition rather than preemptive regulation.”

Ryan Radia, CEI regulatory counsel and research fellow in technology policy:

“During his tenure at the FCC, Pai has shown his commitment to transparency in the commission’s rulemaking process, revisited outdated, legacy regulations that no longer make sense, and worked to find common ground with the entire commission on major votes. We hope Pai keeps his focus on following the law and respecting the limits Congress has placed on the agency, while pursuing policies that support Internet freedom, encourage innovators, and open doors to new technologies for consumers.”