Despite Recent Increase in Private Broadband Investment, President Biden Seeks Wasteful Taxpayer-Funded Subsidies

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The U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce will hold a hearing today at 11:30am on broadband access. The hearing is titled “Broadband Equity: Addressing the Disparities in Access and Affordability.”

CEI research fellow Ryan Nabil said:

“Improved internet connectivity is not only essential to reduce inequality, but also to improve America’s global economic competitiveness. While the Biden administration’s goals to expand broadband access are laudable, past experience shows that subsidies are less effective than competition in improving broadband access. The recent increase in broadband investment and improvements in internet connectivity suggest broadband access could be greatly expanded without wasting taxpayers’ money.

“Due to growing competition and technological innovations, Americans’ access to the internet will likely improve without substantial intervention from the Biden administration. Instead of providing wasteful subsidies to these well-endowed companies, the administration should remove regulatory barriers and encourage competition between broadband internet providers, telecommunications companies, and satellite-based internet providers.”

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