Energy Department Reforms #Neverneeded Regulations on Consumer Washers, Dryers, Showerheads

Photo Credit: Getty

Today the U.S. Department of Energy issued a set of two new rules that, respectively, allow the sale of faster clothes washers and dryers and lift restrictions on showerhead water flow. The agency said it used CEI’s recently-granted dishwasher petition ”as a starting point to consider the types of improvements that may be achievable through decreased cycle times for clothes washers and dryers.”

For washers and dryers, the existing products on the market take about 47 minutes for top-loading washers, 62 minutes for front-loading washers, and 50 minutes for dryers. By lifting unneeded energy restrictions, new appliances would be faster than 30 minutes for top-loading washers, 45 minutes for front-loading washers, and 30 minutes for dryers.

On the new rule for washers and dryers, CEI Attorney Devin Watkins said:

“CEI applauds the Energy Department for putting consumer interests first, over the objections of manufacturers and environmental activists who prefer the old system of government controls. Consumers know best which clothes washers and dryers are best suited for their own needs. While this decision expands consumer choice, unfortunately the underlying statute still requires federal government approval to waive unneeded restrictions. Congress should fix that problem and leave these kinds of decisions entirely up to individuals to decide.”

On the revised rule for showerheads, CEI Senior Fellow Ben Lieberman said:

“This is good news for those who like a more powerful shower, as well as those who like a less powerful government.”

The showerhead rule essentially reverses an Obama era rule that attempted to stop consumers from circumventing a 2.5 gallons per minute limit on water flow. > View the full analysis on