Environmental Policies Need Overhaul, Says New Study

D.C., August 19, 2008—A new book
scrutinizes crucial environmental policy areas in need of change, from global
warming to free-market environmentalism, biotechnology, chemical risk, and

“The U.S. needs environmental policies that recognizes the
value of harnessing the institutions of the marketplace,” remarked
Environmental Source editor, Angela Logomasini, PhD., Director
of Risk and Environmental Policy for the Competitive Enterprise

The book, The Environmental Source,
is an essential reference book on environmental policy for political
candidates, news media and editorialists, elected officials and their staff,
students, professors and anyone with an interest in environmental issues. The
book’s contributors provide useful insights, such as:

  • Fred L. Smith, Jr. calls on
    policymakers to rethink their environmental
    and consider ways to use market institutions to advance
    environmental protection.
  • Gregory Conko tackles food
    policy, answering questions about biotechnology
    and the impact of mercury
    in the human diet.
  • Iain Murray answers critical
    questions related to the hottest environmental issue today: global
  • Angela Logomasini gets the
    facts on cancer
    and the impact of chemicals on human health.

With a user-friendly format and easy-to-read style, The
Environmental Source, 2nd Edition provides sourced facts and figures,
additional references, and contact information to experts on key environmental
issues. CEI is releasing both a hard copy and an online version that will be
updated and expanded on an ongoing basis.

the Environmental Source

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