European Union Finally Agrees with CEI: Kyoto Protocol Has Failed

D.C., October 8, 2009—This week the European Union has finally agreed with the
Competitive Enterprise Institute that the Kyoto Protocol – the United Nations
treaty aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions – has failed. At the UN
negotiations in Bangkok this week, European Union spokesman Karl
Falkenberg said
, “We look at the Kyoto protocol, but since it came into
force we have seen emissions increase. It has not decreased emissions.” 

“It’s a few years late, but it’s great to see the European
Union finally acknowledge that the Kyoto Protocol has failed,” said Myron Ebell, Director of Energy
and Global Warming Policy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. “CEI said Kyoto couldn’t possibly
work after it was first negotiated in 1997, and we have been pointing out ever
since that it was failing to reduce emissions and wasting huge sums of money
even while failing. As negotiations on a new global warming treaty continue, I
hope that when the European Union presents its next hare-brained scheme to save
the planet from global warming, people will remember how wrong the EU was about

CEI Senior Fellow Christopher C. Horner
also made a recommendation to U.S.
policymakers. “We hope that our own government will now also look at Europe’s
data, which we have been pointing out in detail prove that the related
cap-and-trade and ‘green jobs’ schemes they seek to import here are also
enormously costly flops,” said Horner.

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