Everyone Loses in CDC Eviction Ban

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In the wake of court rulings against the Centers for Disease Control nationwide eviction ban, the White House today called on Congress to pass an emergency extension ban, which expires in three days. CEI Attorney Devin Watkins has long maintained that the CDC, which ostensibly imposed the ban as a means of helping renters during the pandemic, never had legal authority to do it – which is what courts ultimately ruled. Beyond that, it’s terrible policy, he explains.

Statement by Devin Watkins, CEI Attorney:

“The Biden administration is finally accepting that it is required to work through Congress to change the law, effectively abandoning its earlier claims in court of what the Sixth Circuit described as ‘near-dictatorial power.’

“More fundamentally, the eviction moratorium is terrible policy and continues to cause harm, regardless of which branch of government does it. Landlords don’t get paid while it exists, and it creates a flood of renters expected to pay years of back-rent when it ends. In the end, with the eviction moratorium, everyone loses.”

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