FAA Extension Buys Time for Big Reforms

The House vote on extending reauthorization of the big Federal Aviation Administration funding bill buys more time to educate people on beneficial reforms to air traffic control, raising the cap on passenger facility charges, and clearing away regulations on unmanned aircraft systems, says CEI transportation policy expert Marc Scribner:

We applaud Chairman Shuster’s ongoing leadership in promoting a transformational and badly needed overhaul of our aviation system, which would be the most significant aviation policy reform enacted since airline deregulation more than a generation ago. This extension buys friends of reform more time to educate people about the benefits of reforming our troubled air traffic control system. These are benefits the rest of the industrialized world already enjoys, and so should travelers in the U.S.

Members of Congress will also have another chance to slash government spending, modernize airport financing, and revisit ill-considered regulations imposed on unmanned aircraft systems, all areas where the House and the Senate plans could show substantial improvement.

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