FDA Approves One E-Cigarette for US Market – More Needed to Help Smokers Quit

Photo Credit: Getty

The Food and Drug Administration on October 12 authorized the first electronic cigarette in the U.S. – one made by tobacco giant R.J. Reynolds. CEI consumer policy expert Michelle Minton praised the move but urged regulators to approve more e-cigarette products that could help smokers quit smoking far more hazardous combustible cigarettes.

“In approving the first vapor product for sale in the U.S., the FDA finally acknowledged the overwhelming scientific evidence that vapor products offer adults a safer and potentially life-saving alternative to smoking.

“But, unless vapor products are at least as attractive as smoking, that potential could be lost. The FDA should support a vibrant market by streamlining the approval process for small, independent manufacturers and ignore activist demands to prohibit flavored vapor products as unscientific and detrimental to public health.”

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