House GOP Oversight of Alleged Collusion Between Government and Technology Companies More Productive than Anti-Tech Legislation

Photo Credit: Getty

The new Republican House Majority will reportedly charge a new select committee with providing oversight of communications about content moderation decisions between technology companies and officials in the Biden Administration. The move follows revelations from internal files at Twitter that suggest extensive discussion between government officials and tech company employees over moderation decisions that raise concerns about government coercion.

Director of CEI’s Center for Technology and Innovation Jessica Melugin said:

“This oversight is an infinitely better use of Congress’ time than past anti-Big Tech efforts. US tech companies provide jobs, convenience and innovation to Americans. The only real threat all along has been the use of government coercion to pressure these companies to make politically-motivated decisions they might not otherwise have made. The sputtering US economy needs government to get out of the way, not tell the country’s most successful industry how to do business.”