Importing Drugs from Foreign Countries

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Leading Members of Congress will join with free market advocacy groups and health policy analysts to hold a press conference to discuss the dangers of  “reimportation” – H.R. 2427, the Gutknecht-Emanuel bill.  This legislation would create dangers to both patients and national security by allowing for the importation of prescription drugs from over two dozen foreign countries.  It would also strip the Food and Drug Administration of the ability to certify that the imported drugs are safe for American consumers.


What:               Press Conference to Discuss H.R. 2427 and the dangers of importation of drugs from foreign countries.   Hosted by Frontiers of Freedom Foundation.


When:              Friday, July 18th – <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />9:30 AM


Where:             The US Capitol – Room HC7


Who:                Rep. Beauprez (R-CO)

                        Rep. Sessions (R-TX)

                        Kerri Houston, Frontiers of Freedom

                        Donald Devine, American Conservative Union

                        Ed Hudgins, Objectivist Center

                        Niger Innes, Coalition for Racial Equality

                        Charles Jarvis, United Seniors Association

                        Stephen Moore, Cato Institute

                        Paul Prososki, Americans for Tax Reform

                        Fran Smith, Consumer Alert

                                    Fred Smith, Competitive Enterprise Institute

                        Grace-Marie Turner, Galen Institute

                        Roger Zion, 60 Plus Association