Marlo Lewis to Testify in Senate on Global Warming

Washington, D.C., June 27, 2007—Tomorrow Competitive Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow Marlo Lewis will testify before the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works where he will question the conventional wisdom about global warming policy and present his own recommendations for congressional action.

The Committee will be hearing from witnesses on the topic of “Global Warming Issues in the Power Plant Sector.” Lewis will remind the senators in attendance that greenhouse gas emissions restrictions – like those embodied in the Kyoto Protocol – are not risk free. He will also point out the enormous costs and tiny projected benefit from a Kyoto-style system of energy suppression.

“Regulatory climate strategies impose relatively large costs in the short term for relatively small or speculative benefits many decades hence,” writes Lewis in his prepared remarks. “Such policies have a high potential to exploit consumers and stifle economic growth.”

Global Warming Expert Available for Interviews

Marlo Lewis, Ph.D.

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