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Ecology, Liberty & Property: A Free Market Environmental Reader

Jonathan H. Adler, Editor

Publication Date: Spring 2000Price: $16.95ISBN #1-889865-02-8

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Are free markets and environmental protection compatible?  Is it possible to protect environmental resources without resorting to extensive command-and-control regulation? Ecology, Liberty & Property: A Free Market Environmental Reader answers a resounding yes.  The market institutions of private property, voluntary exchange, common law liability standards, and the rule of law are powerful medicine for environmental ills.  Greater reliance on these institutions can address environmental concerns while preserving individual liberty.  The essays herein, drawn from over fifteen years of CEI’s environmental analysis and policy research, explain the free market approach to environmental concerns in both theory and practice.  The topics covered range from solid waste and wildlife conservation to industrial pollution and biotechnology.

Table of Contents

Introduction – Jonathan H. Adler 

I.  A Primer on Free Market Environmentalism

¨            The Market and Nature – Fred L. Smith, Jr.

¨            Markets and the Environment: A Critical Reappraisal – Fred L. Smith, Jr.  

II.  Natural Resources

¨            Poplar Front – Jonathan H. Adler

¨            Real Rangeland Reform – Robert H. Nelson

¨            Escaping the Malthusian Trap – Fred L. Smith, Jr. and Greg Conko

¨            Wasting Away – James V. DeLong  

III. Wildlife

¨            Property Rights in Wildlife – Robert J. Smith

¨            Herd Mentality: Banning Ivory Sales Is No Way to Save the Elephant – Urs Kreuter and Randy Simmons

¨            To Save an Endangered Species, Own One – Ike C. Sugg

¨            Fishing for Solutions – Michael DeAlessi

IV.  Pollution Control

¨            Making the Polluter Pay – Jonathan H. Adler

¨            Free Trade Is Green Trade – James M. Sheehan

¨            Superfund – Fred L. Smith, Jr.

¨            Owning the Unownable – Paul Georgia

¨            The Case Against Pollution Taxes – Fred L. Smith, Jr.          

V.  Risk Issues

¨            The Risks of Risk Regulation – Jonathan H. Adler

¨            Privatizing Risk – Fred L. Smith, Jr.

¨            Labeling and Risk: The Case of Bioengineered Foods – Greg Conko

¨            A Risk-Risk Approach to Climate Change – Fred L. Smith, Jr.

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