New EU Antitrust Investigation into Google More Proof European Antitrust Policy is Untethered from Consumer Harm Standard

Photo Credit: Getty

The European Union announced today it is launching a new antitrust investigation into Google, alleging the company is using anticompetitive practices in its advertising business.

Director of CEI’s Center for Technology and Innovation Jessica Melugin said:

“The EU’s investigation into Google’s advertising business highlights the fundamental problem with Europe’s antitrust regulations being untethered from a consumer harm standard. These are competitors, not consumers, complaining to EU regulators. Furthermore, the EU’s GDPR has favored ‘Big Tech’ over medium and small competitors and changes Google made to accommodate privacy advocates are now being labeled as ‘anticompetitive.’ Clearly, Brussels is not equipped to meddle in a technical and dynamic sector of the economy without causing harmful, unintended consequences.”  

Vice President for Strategy Iain Murray said:

“The U.S. should avoid Europeanizing its antitrust rules and stick to the American tradition if it wants to keep encouraging innovation.”