New Video Series on Global Warming Skeptics

D.C., April 28, 2008—Global
warming advocates have long argued that the science regarding human impacts on
the global climate is clear and settled – that human beings are having a
catastrophic effect on the natural world through the release of greenhouse
gases. In reality, a large number of distinguished researchers are skeptical of
the alarmist view on climate change.

To document some of these stories, the Competitive
Enterprise Institute has produced the online video series “Skeptics Speak Out,” in
which experts from a range of disciplines address key topics in the global
warming debate like climate models, ocean currents, hurricanes, glaciers and more.

“With so many activists and fellow travelers insisting that
the science is settled on climate change, it is vital to remind people that
there is a large – and increasing – array of experts who disagree with the
misleadingly labeled ‘consensus’ view,” said CEI Senior Fellow Marlo Lewis, Jr.

Skeptics Speak Out currently consist of five interview
segments, with the following experts:

Dr. E. Calvin Beisner
National Spokesman, Cornwall Alliance

Dr. Joseph D’Aleo – Founding
Director of Meteorology, The Weather Channel

Dr. Jim O’Brien – State
Climatologist of Florida

Dr. Kesten Green – Senior
Research Fellow, Monash

Dr. Howard Hayden
Professor of Physics Emeritus, University
of Connecticut

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