On National Donut Day—How About Some Patriotic Overindulgence?

 Today, Friday, June 5, is National Donut Day, an opportunity for companies to deploy giveaways and marketing campaigns, but even further, an opportunity for Americans to celebrate their freedom. The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) suggests a simple way to celebrate this unofficial holiday: Overindulge. Have two donuts today: one for yourself, and one for your freedom.

Some government officials and their academic advocates believe that certain nutrients like fat, sugar, or salt are “toxic” and want to ban, tax, or shame people into eliminating them from their diet. In CEI’s view, it’s one thing for these people to offer us advice, but their mandates and taxes cross the line. Our lives and lifestyles belong to us, and National Donut Day is the perfect opportunity for demonstrating what our founders deemed the pursuit of happiness.

Michelle Minton, CEI Fellow in Consumer Policy Studies said,

“While almost any food can be toxic, even water if you drink enough, the inverse is also true; just about any food can be part of a healthy diet—even the occasional donut.
We are asking people to celebrate donut day to let the government know that we the people are the ones who get to decide what a healthy diet means. Not the government.
So raise (or dunk) a donut in celebration of the fact that you have, at least for now, the freedom to decide what you eat.”

Sam Kazman, CEI general counsel, stated:

“A growing body of research indicates that, on this special day, you should eat two donuts—one for yourself, and one for your freedom.”


Note: CEI does not endorse a specific brand of donut, as evidenced by the diverse preference for donuts among our staff. We encourage you to pursue your donut happiness at whichever establishment best suits your needs.