Public Interest Group Opposes Technology Mandates, Joins Alliance For Digital Progress

Washington, D.C., January 23, 2003—Now that we’ve solidly entered the Digital Age, how should intellectual property best be protected, through the marketplace or government mandates?  The Competitive Enterprise Institute strongly supports market-driven solutions instead of government mandates as the most effective way to deal with digital content issues, and is joining the newly formed Alliance for Digital Progress.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office” />


“We look forward to working with the Alliance for Digital Progress to help raise awareness against proposed legislation that would force copy protection technologies upon manufacturers and consumers,” said Braden Cox, technology counsel for CEI’s Project on Technology and Innovation.  “These technology mandates extend beyond those often required of manufacturers for public safety reasons and set a dangerous precedent for government involvement in the area of digital content as a ‘copyright czar.’” 

Government mandates of technology preempt market solutions by stipulating a “one size fits all” solution that will not suit the wide diversity of consumer demands and business needs.  In addition, mandates will stifle competition and innovation in solving existing and future problems.  In support of the Alliance’s goal to help prevent these ineffective mandates, CEI’s Project on Technology and Innovation is researching current attempts by the private sector to protect intellectual property in ways that benefit intellectual property owners and consumers alike.

Technology Policy Experts Available for Interviews

Solveig Singleton,Senior Policy AnalystCEI’s Project on Technology & Innovation[email protected]202.331.2274 Braden Cox,Technology CounselCEI’s Project on Technology & Innovation[email protected]202.331.2254

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