Sea-Level Rise: Is Global Warming To Blame?

Washington, DC, May 27, 1999 – A packed house of staff and media gathered today on Capitol Hill to hear about sea-level rise from Dr. David Malmquist, Assistant Research Scientist at the Bermuda Biological Station for Research. This scientific discussion sponsored by the Cooler Heads Coalition clarified some of the mysteries of the sea.

“Sea level rise has been occurring for thousands of years and is explained by natural processes,” Dr. Malmquist observed. Claims that alleged human-induced global warming will cause sea level rise to accelerate is unfounded, he said. “Observations show that current accelerated rates of sea level rise date back to the early 19th century and preceded any substantial inputs of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere from the Industrial Revolution.”

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) continues to peddle unfounded fears about global warming and sea level rise even though there is no evidence to support such scares, according to the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI). This week the EPA is sponsoring conferences in Miami and Marathon, Florida to discuss the impacts of global warming on Southern Florida and the Florida Keys, and to discuss solutions to the alleged problem.

“This is the latest example of EPA politics running roughshod over the scientific evidence,” concluded Paul Georgia, CEI Environmental Research Associate and managing editor of the Cooler Heads, a bi-weekly newsletter covering global warming issues. “It’s important that scientists that have studied this issue are provided the opportunity to educate the public about this topic. Dr. Malmquist’s presentation clearly demonstrate that we have simply learned enough to know what questions still need to be answered.”

Dr. Malmquist also addressed the Kyoto Protocol by answering some questions about the effect an international climate treaty would have on sea level rise. According to Dr. Malmquist, even if the Protocol was implemented by every country, it would have no effect on sea-level rise. Geological events simply do not stop and start like that, he concluded.

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