Senators Should Oppose Sohn Nomination to FCC

Photo Credit: Getty

The Senate Commerce Committee is holding a hearing today on the nomination of Gigi Sohn to be a commissioner at the Federal Communications Commission.

Research fellow Ryan Nabil said:

“During her last confirmation hearing in December 2021, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) nominee Gigi Sohn reaffirmed her support for reimposing net neutrality regulations that risks reducing the private sector’s incentive to invest in broadband networks. Recognizing the obstacles that net neutrality regulations pose to investing in 5G networks, many Internet services providers advocate a more flexible approach. Imposing strict net neutrality regulations will create further uncertainty for telecommunications investors and jeopardize America’s growth in 5G technology.

“If the United States were to fall behind China and other global competitors in 5G adoption, it would significantly harm America’s future global competitiveness in 5G-dependent technologies—automated production to driverless cars. That is why both Democrats and Republicans need to ensure an environment that reduces market uncertainties and encourages the private sector to invest in 5G technologies. Sohn’s plans to reimpose strict net neutrality regulations for U.S. telecommunications companies will do the opposite. Both Democrats and Republicans should oppose Sohn’s nomination for that reason.”