The Real Climate Change Disaster: Bad Facts Lead to Bad Policy

The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) today released “Time for a Sensible Sense of Congress Resolution on Climate Change” by Marlo Lewis, offering a template for Congress to correct the record on bad climate change facts and work toward more sensible energy policies.

Lewis begins by acknowledging that climate change is real, but goes on to divulge the facts and figures that prove climate change is not a disaster.

“The alleged climate science ‘consensus’ is unraveling,” said Lewis.  “About 95% of model projections overshoot actual warming. Concerns over global warming are largely based on speculative climate-model impact scenarios.”

Addressing natural disasters, carbon tax, and the downsides to global warming “solutions,” “Time for a Sensible Sense of Congress Resolution on Climate Change” provides a concise document that serves as a thoughtful primer for those engaged in energy policy decision.

Warning of the harm to the poor that would result from bad policy, Lewis concludes, “Even if climate change were a serious problem, intergovernmental collusion to rig markets against the most affordable energy sources would likely do more harm than good. As in medicine, the cardinal rule of responsible public policy is: First, do no harm. Globally, poverty is the number one cause of preventable illness and premature deaths. Energy poverty is a severe handicap to development. It afflicts an estimated 1.3 billion people who have no electricity and 2.3 billion who face chronic shortages, frequent blackouts, and limited service hours.”

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