U.S. Virgin Islands Attorney General Criticizes CEI for Defending Free Speech


In a surprising turn of events, the attorney for U.S. Virgin Islands Attorney General Walker is now claiming CEI has wasted enough of VIDOJ’s and the court’s limited time and resources” by pushing back against AG Walker for abusing his power and threatening CEI’s First Amendment rights. In her response to CEI’s motion for sanctions, AG Walker’s attorney attempts to discredit CEI for defending its rights against AG Walker’s unlawful subpoena.

“Apparently Attorney General Walker believes that Constitutional abuses are not worth the court’s time,” said CEI President Kent Lassman.  “As if from a parallel universe where everything is reversed, Walker claims that CEI’s motions in response to his overreaching and abusive actions are a waste of his time and resources.  An attorney general is neither above the law nor out of reach of the DC Superior Court.”

“Walker has only himself to blame,” said CEI General Counsel Sam Kazman. “When you abuse your authority to harass those whose views you dislike, there are going to be consequences. And when courts spend their time examining and sanctioning abuses like Walker’s, abuses which ultimately threaten us all, that is time well spent.”

The motion for sanctions is pending in the Superior Court for the District of Columbia.

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