Walk in the Rain for World ‘Car-Free Day’

Washington, D.C.,
September 22, 2008—Today is “World
Car-Free Day
”, the annual day dedicated to the notion of life without the
automobile.  In fact, eliminating or
drastically reducing automobile use would dramatically impact the lives and
livelihoods of the vast majority of Americans who rely on cars for transportation.

In response to this misguided effort by anti-car advocates,
the Competitive Enterprise Institute is sponsoring a YouTube contest,
seeking video critiques of Car-Free Day. The winner will receive a $100 gas
card, courtesy of CEI.

“Many people may love a car-free lifestyle, but for most
people it would be pure misery.  The
handicapped, the elderly, parents carrying kids and groceries, suburban
residents getting to work, rural residents running their lives – all depend on
cars,” said Sam
Kazman, General Counsel at the Competitive Enterprise
Institute.  “The car-free lifestyle
itself requires other motorized vehicles, which deliver everything from organic
flour to the ingredients for lattes.”

People can freely choose not to use cars, of course, but
those contemplating a Car-Free Day should acknowledge its implications.  For a
realistic day of car-free living, try it: 

  • When
    it’s raining
  • When
    you’re carrying several bags of groceries
  • When you’re
    carrying a baby, with a toddler alongside you
  • On
  • After
  • Without
    using a car or cab to get to the train or bus station
  • Any
    combination of the above

To enter, film
your own video and post it as a response to CEI’s announcement on YouTube.
The deadline for entries is October 1st. For more on CEI’s work on
automobility, see “Cars, Women, and Minorities: The
Democratization of Mobility in America
,” by Alan Pisarski
and “Car-Free Days? No, Thank You,”
by Waldemar Hanasz. Or go to www.cei.org/issue/74.

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