Will Bush Flip-Flop on Global Warming?

D.C., April 14, 2008—News reports
this week have indicated that the Bush administration may change its
long-standing opposition to mandated restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions
and endorse global warming legislation to establish a federal cap on carbon
dioxide. The following is a statement in response by Myron Ebell, Director
of Energy and Global Warming Policy at the Competitive
Enterprise Institute:

"It would destroy President Bush’s legacy now to adopt Al
Gore’s global warming policies after pursuing much more effective policies for
seven years. It is true that global warming alarmists are filing multiple
lawsuits to use the Clean Air Act and the Endangered Species Act to cause a
regulatory trainwreck. But President Bush should not give into this political
extortion. Instead, he should ask Congress to pass legislation to avoid the
regulatory trainwreck, which would then allow an open public debate on global
warming. Such a debate is not possible as long as the threat of extortion is

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