CAFE Oh Nay, Standard Has Hurt

The Detroit auto industry is clearly a victim of CAFE. But it’s not the only victim, and it’s not even the most prominent one. That distinction goes to consumers. CAFE
has restricted their automotive choices and picked their wallets. It
has also killed them, by the thousands. According to a 2002 National
Research Council study, CAFE’s downsizing
effect on cars reduces vehicle crashworthiness, resulting in
approximately 2,000 additional traffic deaths per year.

a program that’s been in effect for over 30 years, that is an
astounding human toll, made all the more noteworthy by the minimal
acknowledgment it’s received from the federal government, and the total
obfuscation in which it’s been cloaked by environmentalist supporters.
As a result, this program is about to get even more stringent, and more