Dream The Impossible Scheme

The Bush administration came out of the box on the energy issue with a reasonably positive mix of supply-side strategies – they are even willing to redeem nuclear power. (True, they also advocate the typical mix of R & D subsides along with incentives for Condor Cuisinarts and Green Power.) But the administration’s emphasis on making more power more affordable to more Americans – not a bad idea – is on a head-on collision course with a renewed effort to “do something” about global warming. So while one foot of government will be pushing hard on the gas, coal, and oil pedals – another will be babbling on about creative ways to suppress CO2 (“caps and trade,” “market mechanism,” “voluntary” – all terms that should lead one to reach for his revolver) while pushing down as hard as possible on the brake pedal. It seems our only solution is to burn lots more fossil fuel but change the chemistry so it doesn’t lead to more CO2 – and they say Republicans aren’t optimists!