Letter to the Editor: Government Meddling Won’t Create Jobs

A recent op-ed in The Hill by Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) (“Attacks on workers’ rights won’t create jobs,” Nov. 15) highlights the need to scale back government intervention.

Sen. Harkin’s grievance against Republicans unveils his paternalistic view of government, insisting Congress will find solutions, decide the haves and have-nots and get Americans back to work. The only impediment is Republicans attacking the National Labor Relations Board and not signing President Obama’s jobs bill. Government would fix the economy if Republicans let it.

Foregoing Sen. Harkin’s fallacy that congressional action will move America forward, he narrowly focuses on moving special-interest groups in America forward. 

Republican labor policies have focused on providing all employers and employees rights. The NLRB’s regulations and court decisions have stacked the deck in favor of organized labor. Sen. Harkin, in agreement with the NLRB, has decided that union workers, only 11.9 percent of workforce, are how America should move forward.

Sen. Harkin, in America, the land of the free, individuals are responsible for their own destiny. Free individuals do not rely on government to determine winners and losers. To move America forward, government must return to its intended role of umpire withstanding the urge to dictate the game.