Letter to the Editor: Net Neutrality Has Many Facets, Some of Them Known

Your editorial explains congestion problems that will hamper the Internet under net neutrality regulations. In addition to that, technological innovation will also be stifled by removing the incentive to innovate. Internet innovation is too important to be regulated by the Federal Communications Commission.

Profit is the engine of innovation. By limiting how broadband providers can profit, the FCC is eliminating the avenues of invention that catapulted the Internet into the center of American life and created wonders like 4G mobile technology. By limiting pricing options and business plans, the FCC isn’t subsidizing openness, it’s forcing technological malaise.

Joseph Schumpeter, the famous and controversial economist, once noted that economic growth in capitalist countries is a result of "creative destruction." The FCC net neutrality rules enshrine destruction and eschew creativity.

Alex Nowrasteh