Letter to the Editor: Obsession With Diversity Led to Security Lapses

The Examiner was right to criticize Gen. George Casey for foolishly claiming that a backlash against politically correct "diversity" in the military would be a bigger tragedy than the Fort Hood shootings. An obsession with "diversity" created the climate in which officers were afraid to report the suspicious behavior of Maj. Nidal Hasan.

Although Hasan’s "anti-American propaganda" and rants against non-Muslims were common knowledge, "a fear of appearing discriminatory" against Muslims "kept officers from filing a formal written complaint," the Associated Press reported. "A key official on a review committee reportedly asked how it might look to terminate a key resident who happened to be a Muslim."

As a result, Hasan escaped scrutiny. Ironically, his extremism would not have been tolerated in the armies of predominantly Muslim countries like Albania and Turkey.