LIEBERMAN: Trump May Adopt An Obama-Era Climate Policy

Photo Credit: Getty

Believe it or not, the Trump administration is seriously considering entering into a global environmental treaty that was a key part of the Obama climate change agenda.

President Trump’s surprise election dramatically transformed the trajectory of one issue more than any other: climate change. Instantly gone was the presumed continuation of the Obama climate agenda under Hillary Clinton, replaced by the decisions of a man who called global warming a “hoax.” In response, the Washington-based climate lobby made a quick U-turn from working with the previous administration to scheming against the new one. But there is one curious exception — the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol, the United Nations treaty provision restricting many widely-used refrigerants on the grounds that they are greenhouse gases.

Kigali Amendment proponents, led by advantage-seeking manufacturers of costly substitute refrigerants, have tried to repackage this component of the Obama climate plan as something Trump should love and submit to the Senate for ratification. They claim it will add domestic manufacturing jobs and strengthen America’s global leadership in the air conditioning and refrigeration sectors.

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