Net Neutrality Resurfaces To Join The Bidenomics Regulatory Costberg

Photo Credit: Getty

“It was always about government control.” —Commissioner Brendan Carr, Federal Communications Commission Open Meeting, October 2023

Just in time for Halloween, “net neutrality” regulation buried by the Trump-era Federal Communications Commission (FCC) under the auspices of then-commissioner Ajit Pai has been unearthed from the grave.

Chanting subterranean and abhorrent rites, last week’s FCC Open Commission Meeting reawakened the rotting Obama-era “Safeguarding and Securing the Open Internet” corpse to stalk the land of broadband. Pronouncing unholy incantations, the decree alleges to prohibit “blocking,” “throttling,” and “paid prioritization” by Internet service providers.

Piling obscurities atop the already arbitrary and abstruse, the dread-laden rescript seeks to “reestablish the Commission’s authority over broadband Internet access service by classifying it as a telecommunications service under Title II of the Communications Act of 1934” — instead of as the Title I “information service” status it now enjoys that gets more hands-off treatment.

FCC’s necromancy and resurrection promises just-the-tip forbearance from the maddenly grotesque price regulation and universal service commandments that Title II’s cosmic interdimensional reach in fact allows. Don’t fall for it.

Defying this October onslaught, Republican FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr ridiculed the myriad warnings of apocalypse and a “broken Internet” that were supposed to result from Ajit Pai’s “Restoring Internet Freedom” stand-down order. None of those materialized after the 2017 commitment of net neutrality’s remains to the cold earth. Even CNN admitted that during “the time since [Trump’s reversal], ISPs have refrained from doing the kind of blocking and preferential treatment that net neutrality advocates have warned could occur.”

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