No Call to Arms in Fight Against Health Care Reform (Letter to the Editor)

When I first heard about the Tucson shootings, I expected people to rush out and blame talk radio, regardless of contrary evidence. But I never expected that anyone would try to blame ordinary conservatives like me who oppose ObamaCare. Yet a recent Globe column implicitly does that, by suggesting that calling ObamaCare a threat to our “freedom’’ is even worse than the “language of violence’’ (“It’s not the violence; it’s the insurrection,’’ Op-ed, Jan. 11).

I have explained in court briefs why ObamaCare unconstitutionally exceeds Congress’s powers. Such reasoned “discourse’’ is in no way “dehumanizing.’’ Nor is there anything wrong with pointing out, as I have done, that ObamaCare contains unconstitutional racial preferences.

I don’t hate the government. I used to work for a judge. I just believe in limits on federal power — just like the judge killed in Tucson, who declared provisions of the Brady Act unconstitutional based on the 10th Amendment.