Obama, Climate Crank

Politico’s “Morning Energy” update includes the following:

TAKING IT TO THE STREETS –– The Nation is calling on the Climate Hawk-crowd to “name and shame” climate skeptics (which they’re calling “cranks and hacks”) tomorrow with events at Fox News, the Chamber of Commerce and Capitol Hill. The point of the protests? “Put the climate cranks on the spot and make them explain — on camera and in front of kids — why they have condemned [the world’s youth] to spending the rest of their lives coping with the hottest climate in human history,” says the magazine’s associate publisher, Peter Rothberg. http://bit.ly/gGtwyU

Well, here’s where it gets difficult. Remember this piece from way back in December? No? Then, surely one of President Barack Obama’s first acts was submitting the signed Kyoto treaty to the Senate for ratification. (The treaty was signed by the U.S. on November 12, 1998 and never withdrawn from, despite media spin/ignorance to the contrary…listen to green groups praise its signature!)

There is nothing in the Constitution or any statute preventing Obama from submitting the Kyoto treaty to the Senate for ratification. So, he did, right? Then, he agreed to a binding post-Kyoto pact, right? Er, well, not quite. In fact, well, there’s this affirmation of Bush by Team Obama.

Students of the issue know that tomorrow’s street theater is just that, as nothing ever proposed by anyone would according to anyone detectably change “global warming” if you accept all of the moonbats’ assumptions.

It is all pain, no gain.

But, facts have never mattered to these people. Instead, we see — applying their “standards” applied in the age before The One — Barack Obama, Kyoto skeptic, apparent climate skeptic, monomaniac about instead using the climatically meaningless “green jobs” schemes to “fundamentally transform America” and cap and trade to cause your “electricity rates [to] necessarily skyrocket.”

How awfully cynical. I imagine many comrades will be milling about Fox with Obama masks tomorrow.

Unless of course this is just a political movement, a vehicle for the Left. Then maybe not so many. We’ll see.