What They’re Up Against

Here is a website put up by one of the millions of citizen-activists crated by the Obama administration’s radical agenda, as put into practice by its Pelosi-Reid Congress. I met the woman behind it at an Americans for Prosperity meeting in Las Vegas recently, and her passion and dedication were stunning to me who, for better or worse, generally toils among Washington-types. Watch the “cap-and-trade” video and note the pabulum that Members of Congress have trained themselves to spew, about “putting a lot of policies in place that will allow us to” do all of those things that free people do when the government avoids “putting a lot of policies in place”.

Then note the commentary by the I’m-outta-here employer speaking the obvious truth to power.

This is what incombent Members of Congress are up against this year. Those jobs will go someplace else just as European manufacturing jobs have gone elsewhere, replaced by a smaller number of temporary “green” jobs wholly dependent on taxpayer-underwritten largesse continuing. And, as Spain and Germany are learning, it can’t continue, as mandating (and paying for) inefficiencies and massive economic redundancy will bankrupt you.

Cap-and-trade isn’t about “allowing us” to do anything, unless you’re a rent-seeker who has convinced his friends in the political class to transfer wealth coerced from the taxpayer to you to reward uneconomic investments made on the cheap (after all, they are uneconomic for a reason) in anticipation of such windfall. Then, ok, it “allows you” to engage in the world’s second-oldest profession.

That politicians even try to get away with such rhetoric is disgraceful (see also the deconstruction of similar tawdryness by my case-study and representative, Tom Periello (D-VA), in “Power Grab”). That it has prompted so many “average citizens” to action is heartening.