Why creating an international body for AI is a bad idea

Market forces are much better at handling AI's promising dynamism than state planners will ever be

Photo Credit: Getty

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt recently re-upped his calls for a global body, akin to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), to advise member nations on regulating artificial intelligence (AI). 

Schmidt first made his case for an “International Panel on AI Safety” – an “IPCC for AI,” if you will – in an October 2023 op-ed in the Financial Times. He writes of the AI panel’s potential to be an, “an independent, expert-led body empowered to objectively inform governments about the current state of AI capabilities and make evidence-based predictions.” 

He claims that AI policy makers, “are looking for impartial, technically reliable and timely assessments about its speed of progress and impact.”

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