Why gas stove owners should still be worried

Battle to save gas stoves from Biden's overzealous climate agenda is far from over

Photo Credit: Getty

In response to a strong public backlash, the Biden administration Department of Energy (DOE) has decided to backtrack on its proposed new energy efficiency regulation of stoves that would have forced most gas models off the market.   

Though still worse than no regulation at all, the revised proposal is considerably less stringent than the original and can be met by gas stoves and not just electric ones. 

Nonetheless, the reason for initially targeting gas stoves so aggressively – team Biden’s extreme climate change agenda – has not changed one bit, and there still are ways the administration could go after them: 

President Obama once said of climate policy that there is “more than one way to skin a cat,” and that is still true. Notwithstanding DOE, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is investigating the safety of gas stoves, and indeed it was CPSC Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. who elevated homeowner concerns last year when he announced that a ban is “a real possibility.” 

While it is still too early to know where the CPSC investigation may lead, it is entirely possible that the agency may take up the slack from DOE and crack down on gas stoves. Nor, for that matter, is DOE out of the picture, as there are other ways it could go after gas stoves. 

This includes tightening the agency’s test procedures that each model must pass before it is allowed to be sold. And, of course, the agency could set a much tougher standard the next time around.  

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